Funny sayings are really fun to read and believe. Here are some of the best funny quotes about life, love, men, women, friendship, drinking, work, funny one liners, inspirational sayings that will make you laugh if you are upset and will bring a smile on your face if you are distressed. Funny Sayings

special words of wisdom

Proverbs have been special words of wisdom that motivate one to stand up and not just rectify the errors they commit, but also motivate one to take positive steps in life. These words of wisdom have come from creative and experienced individuals through the ages. Every culture has contributed towards enriching human life with maxims, adages, proverbs, as they maybe known.

Given here is a list of famous proverbs to nourish the soul and fuel one into acting towards the betterment of society and for a better living for themselves… Famous Proverbs

funny friendship sayings

Your friends are special people in your life. You share all your ups and downs of life with them along with your thoughts, emotions and feeling. How interesting it will be when you mix the feeling of friendship with laugher and humor.
So, here we have some of the most popular funny friendship saying that can tickle the bones of your friend. Friendship Sayings